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Gives Steiner-Waldorf teachers the tools and language to think honesty and ambitiously about the structure of their school A useful teacher's resource for teaching English language and composition in Years 2 to 8 age 7 to 14 in the Steiner-Waldorf school curriculum A classic work which identifies two opposing forms of evil A useful and insightful study guide to the series of lectures that Rudolf Steiner gave to the teachers at the firs A comprehensive owner's manual for the human body, discussing human physiology and the hidden life forces and processes that sustain life on Earth Discusses nutrition in practice, including milk, protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins An ingenious play which presents highlights of the life and death of this master of maths and science.

For Classes age A concise but informative guide to the three main strands of eurythmy: performance, education and therapy A rich collection of contributions from Waldorf teachers which discusses the meaning and effectiveness of homework and student evaluation Evie the Strawberry Fairy wants to win a prize for her amazing hot-air balloon. But when the creatures of Wildberry Acres need her, she is forced to choose between winnin When Evie, the bright, determined Strawberry Fairy, finds her strawberry patch flooded she needs to find somewhere for her plants to live.

With the help of her friends, E Explores the threshold between life and death through a series of personal stories In this new edition of a classic work, Robert Sardello offers a new approach to daily life through concentration, meditation, imagination and con Explores the connection between creative art and fairy tales, and the influence and inspiration they can be to our modern minds For Year 6 and up in the Steiner-Wal A fresh translation of the Pistis Sophia from the Coptic and a discussion of it Connor's dying, but he's not dead yet.

With unlikely ally Skeates, he sets off on one last wild adventure -- a crazy tour across Scotland dodging the police, joy riding and l An insightful exploration of what drives our food choices, and how our behaviour is reinforced by popular culture An important exploration of animal exploitation in the fashion industry A beautiful co Detailed instructions for a range of lively and creative ideas, such as small dolls, finger and glove puppets, animals, finger- and wrist-bands, little gifts and even wa Fergus the otter travels along the riverbank to find a new home, meeting all sorts of new creatures along the way Dylan is dead.

Tristan is a Ferryman, a guide for souls in the afterlife. Can their love survive her death? A thought-provoking and truly original story of a love that refuses to be limited by death Considers the issues around celebrating Christian festivals with imagery and symbolism drawn from northern he Explains why and how our working lives evolve at different ages, and how to get improve work-life b Explains why and how our working lives evolve at different ages, and how to improve work-life balan An inspiring book for Steiner-Waldorf teachers which helps them turn away from external pressures and cultivate their own inner resources Over 80 inventive and imaginative shapes and figures to create with finger strings Finn is a baby grey seal who is too scared to venture out into the sea — the sea is just too big for a little seal!

Then one day a wave sweeps Finn off the rocks! Will he finally A useful guide for teaches of Classes ages to help children learn to write creatively, clearly and precisely The fourth book in the Dragonfire series sees Neil and Clara on holiday near Aberdeen. Little do they know that Firestar, the heart of all magic, is under attack, and their magical friends in great dan In the first book in the bestselling Fabled Beast Chronicles, an exciting four-book adventure series starring creatures from myth and legend, Helen meets the fabled be This radiant board book introduces babies and toddlers to the Christmas story A collection of essential research and resources to help educators prepare children for starting school Recipes and resources for colouring fabric with plant dyes A resource for teaching geometry in Year 6 in the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum, focusing on triangles and platonic so Argues that by developing a dynamic way of seeing, we can perceive, respond and adapt to life in new, beneficial ways A detailed analysis of the major achievements that dominate the first three years of life: learning to walk, to A collection of seasonal plays for Steiner-Waldorf Lower School classes Sheep dog puppy Flash helps orphan Tom adjust to his new life in rural Scotland.

Tom is determined to make Flash a champion!

A classic story of friendship and acceptance by much-loved ch A wonderful collection of traditional Scottish stories for children, full of birds, horses, princesses, magic sc A lucky little girl is invited by the flower fairies to the Midsummer festival. The flowers and bumblebees and birds tell their enchanting stories, while Pea-blossom and the Dew-cups serve The flowers and bumblebees and birds tell their enchanting stories, while Pea-blossom and the Considers how we can measure the true life processes which give our food its living energies and nourishing qualities, and how we can best preserve them A comprehensive textbook for doctors undertaking courses in anthroposophical medicine A useful guide for Waldorf teachers on how to use the tools of the four temperaments to improve children's learning Twelve-year-old refugee Reema and her Glaswegian neighbour Caylin form a unlikely friendship when they discover an injured fox.

A beautiful, lyrical story of displacem An insightful collection of essays which explore the development of children's imagination and capacities, from pictures and stories through to scientific thinking Helps parents and teachers understand Steiner's words on the transition from kindergarten to school, giving context to this challenging tim Explores how we can reconnect to our world, the people around us, and to God, in genuine relationships Puzzles, games, maths magic tricks and class activities to make teaching maths easy and fun.

A comprehensive overview of the organs and systems of the human organism, viewed as a dynamic whole Rohen applies his functional approach to human society, exploring its threefold structure in the light of the human organism A detailed resource book for Steiner-Waldorf teachers of chemistry Offers remedies, insights and exercises to help us adapt and survive the upcoming Earth self-healing changes Griswald the gnome makes friends and has fun adventures in this beautifully illustrated and delightful chapter storybook from Daniel A unique illustrated history of how people have worked with nature Addresses all aspects of teaching gardening, including teaching methods, lesson planning for different age groups, and maintaining the garde An in-depth look at the themes of the Grail Quest, and at Gawain, a complex figure who holds opposites in balance The hard will of egoism and utility must be replaced by the gentle will of relaxed creativity.

Includes s Explores first the rocks, soil and mountains of Earth; and then the movement of our universe, the sun, moon and stars. A resource for Steiner-Waldorf teachers, Classes 6 and 7 age Second volume of geometry lessons for the Waldorf schoo A charming gift box collection of Gerda Muller's beloved 'seasons' board books book, includes mini editions of Spring, Summer, Autumn Story of two boys who meet during the Roman campaign to conquer Germanic tribes.

For Steiner-Waldorf Classe A second volume of Wilma Ellersiek's wond The first volume of Wilma Ellersie A learning CD of the songs from the two Gesture Games song books Sweetie, the giant panda, organises the other animals to sing for Sunshine's birthday. A hilarious story of animal hijinks, set at Edinburgh Zoo Calum McGregor is a blond boy in a ginger family. He's fed up with being the odd one out, so decides to take matters into his own hands.

A sweet and very funny pict On the morning of Gail's birthday, her shadow escapes. A lyrical, immersive and luminous tale of sisterhood, The Girl Who Lost Her Shadow tells of bravery, the effect of mental heal Gentle, loving games and songs that incorpor This thought-provoking treatise explores the lack of joined-up thinking in our society, through the lens of the bee crisis and Gnome crafts offer a wealth of possibilities for activities with children.

This books shows how to make gnomes out of walnuts, twigs, wool and paper and other media An enchanting winter tale from renowned Swiss artist Ernst Kreidolf in a style reminiscent of Sybille von Olfers.

Rhyme Scheme | Power Poetry

The woodland gnomes set off on a snowy journey to visit their moun Follows Goethe's Italian Journey to di A captivating introduction to the life of Goethe, tracing a powerful A systematic arrangement of extracts from Goethe's major scientific works which reveal how fundamentally d Uses the four classical elements of earth, water, air and fire to present a new scientific perspective on nature A beautiful interpretation of a classic story with timeless, intricate illustrations offering wonderful extra detail for parents and children to spot together A beautiful bedtime tale with luminous illustrations by much-loved artist Daniela Drescher.

Can Jacob the Sandman collect the magic dream sand so that the children of the world can dream It's a sunny Easter Sunday in Sweden and the farmer's family are having breakfast, when suddenly their bull, Goran, brea Considers issues of individual freedom and spirituality in connection with community building, in the light of Explores the history and future of a unique educational structure, which Waldorf schools are working to transform for the modern age Fun and practical activities to do in the garden every month of the year, ranging from growing flowers and vegetables, to spotting b Discusses the contemporary relevance of hermeticism or alchemy, and how it can help he Discover how Greyfriars Bobby met his master when he was just an adorable puppy in this unique take on the much-loved story.

The original and heartf Eleven-year-old Rory is unexpectedly invited to create a new image for the hulking grey hotel which looms over his home town. Refusal is not an option, but all is not as it seems A funny and lively tale about two of Scotland's best-loved animals -- an endangered black grouse and a wood mouse -- who A collection of essays on sustainable solutions to the current global crisis, from Schumacher College A comprehensive overview of crops and cropping for biodynamic farmers, written by experts Parenting books often forget the primary school years from years old.

Experienced teacher and parenting An indispensable resource for anyone teaching gardening to children, including a comprehensive curriculum and activities Best friends Lewis and Rhona are caught up in a dangerous adventure to save the world's last herd of wild unicorns. Fighting against dark forces, battling the wild landscape Best friends Lewis and Rhona are caught up a dangerous adventure to save the world's last herd of wild unicorns.

Fighting against dark forces, battling the wild landscape, a A revised, updated fourth edition of this comprehensive guide to children A definitive reference guide which presents a wealth of information on vegan diets in a readable, accessible style. Essential reading for both long When blackbirds, butterflies, a squirrel and a hare decide to make their homes in Hettie the Highland Cow's long hair, it might be t Haki and his owner Adam leave their croft in the Shetland Islands of Scotland and join a travelling circus.

A classic children's novel from much-loved author Kathleen Fidler A useful and practical resource book for Steiner-Waldorf teachers with detailed suggestions and checklists for Classes 1 to Hannah the hen spends a whole day on the farm looking for a quiet place to lay her eggs.

Penny Gaffs to Gangsta-Rap, 1830–1996

A board book for very young children with lively illustrations in a classic style A practical and inspiring book which introduces 'conscious parenting' to help make any family home more harmonious Harris the puffin helps a lost baby seal, with help from some other animal friends. Brilliant rhyming text carries this story along A classic early reading book for Steiner-Waldorf Classes 1 and 2 age A readable overview of the ideas and practices of anthroposophic medicine Explores the significance of the image Madonna sequence developed by Felix Peipers Describes the characteristics of over thirty plants, vividly revealing all aspects of their nature an Examines the character of seven different metals and their relationship to human disease A practical book on using nutrition and exercise to help prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease and dementia Explores whether it's possible to develop a world of work which is fulfilling and healthy, and how we each need to hear our calling A new translation and in-depth commentary on one of Buddhism's most well-known scriptures A fascinating overview of ancient Greek culture, myth and history.

Perfect background r A beautiful board book introduces young children to a whole host of animals and how they sleep through warm, detailed illustrations and simple words Introduces young children to a range of warmly-drawn animals and the characteristics that make them special Introduces young children to a range of warmly-drawn animals and the special places they live This bright and lively board book introduces young children to a variety of birds and their special sounds This bright and lively board book introduces young children to a range of minibeasts and their special characteristics A colourful, chunky board book which introduces young children to farm animals and their sounds The helpful elves do all the work for the lazy people of Cologne.

Until one day the tailor's wife becomes curious. With practical tips and real-life examples from an experienced educator, this With practical tips and real-life examples from an experienced educator, Collection of articles for classroom teachers who need to give support to children with additional needs The first biography of this important German artist who was resident at Camphill in Aberdeen for many years A beautiful and original book in which renowned thinker and geometrist Keith Critchlow focuses on flowers as Describes and explains Schauberger's insights in an accessible way, including his discoveries about sick water, ailin An authoritative study which restores the inspiration and wisdom of this beautiful poetry A new story starring Hettie the mischievous Highland cow.

Hettie's attempts to avoid a bath lead to a hilarious game of hide and It is the Cold War and Soviet spies are feared. Alasdair stumbles into a web of espionage on the Isle of Skye A classic historical excursion through the English language A candid, informative manual for parents and professional children's workers alike, putting the case for holistic, integrated care and ed A groundbreaking book which helps business leaders and managers to adapt to rapidly changing economic a Easter Holy Week is a unique time with both dramatic lows and highs, and time for reflection and meditation.

The lovely book is an i An inspiring collection of th A retelling of the wonderful Greek epic, suitable for children aged 8 and up. Ideal for Class in the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum A beautiful and moving collection of ninety poems around the themes of death, separation and bereavement A collection of writings by Rudolf Frieling A beautiful and uplifting story of hope from a bestselling author and award-winning illustrator.

O’Brien Books

Niles lives alone in a big house full of junk and Sophie learnt about growing fruit when she visited her aunt and uncle in the countryside. When she moves to a new town she discovers more about the fruits that grow there and finds new Sophie lives in the city, and her vegetables come from the supermarket. Then she goes to visit her grandparents in the countryside -- and soon discovers how much there is to learn abou A fascinating journey through our anthropological history which points towards an emerging collective awakening for the human rac A magic-themed book on healthy eating for children, addressing the most difficult dietary areas of treats, snacks and The new boy at school tells year-old Edda he can help her stop being afraid by building a golem -- a mud monster.

A spooky story, both quirky and funny, about fa The heron in Hamish's park always looks sad and grumpy. Hamish tries lots of ways to cheer it up: will the heron ever be happy? Colour and activity build up A comparison of animals and humans, as recommended for Steiner-Waldorf curriculum Classes 4 and 5 age Describes the primary obstacles to human spiritual growth and addresses how to overcome them through Centering Prayer Explores the connection between key organs and various psychological disorders A detailed study of the human psyche, of pain, emotions, moods, the senses, consciousness and dreams Hettie the Highland cow is always hungry, so Callum and Kirsty bring her lots to eat -- porridge, sandwiches, shortbread, fish su This insightful book argues that the source of our current social, economic and environmental issues springs from our illusion that every Describes and illustrates through photographs the core spe A sumptuously illustrated collection of This bea Dark dragons, ghostly pipers and sly wizards -- discover the legends that dwell within the ancient castles of Scotland.

Slithering stoorworms, mischievous brownies, fierce kelpies and magical selkies are exquisitely brought to life for child Theresa Breslin's Scottish tales of selkies, giants, fairies and monsters and brought to life by Kate Leiper's exquisite il Centenary gift edition of the much-loved collection of classic stories illustrated by acclaimed artist John Bauer and told by well-known aut This collection of essays on the tension between freedom and predestination in Islam inspired by Steiner's wo An invaluable handbook for those setting out on a plant-based diet Full-spread watercolour illustrations reveal the secret world of the elves and their animal companions The seasons fly by in this enchanting tale revealing the magical land of the fairies Full-spread watercolour illustrations reveal the secret watery world of the merfolk Discusses one of the central mysteries of Christianity, 'God become human' and relates it to our lives today An experienced astrologer examines all aspects of astrology in the light of the emerging worldview known as archetypal cosmology A theoretical and practical book for teachers with ideas to engage students in their landscapes and communities A collection addressing Brian Goodwin's groundbreaking work on evolutionary and theoretical biology, honouri A collection addressing Brian Goodwin's groundbreaking work on evolutionary and theoretical biology, honouring a much-resp An magical novel for 8 to 11 year olds which teaches the importance of listening, planning and courage A remarkable collection of true stories for children about guiding forces, such as angels, intervening in human destiny Isla and Pickle, the adorable miniature Shetland pony, are best friends.

Can Isla convince Dad Pickle should be her pet?

The first adventure for the cheeky pair who live on a Sc A new adventure for the cheeky pair. Full of When Isla and her best friend Pickle -- a miniature Shetland pony -- are invited to a party, Isla must learn to ride fast! But can mischievous Pickle learn to do as he's told? Explores the origins, beliefs and meanings of Islam and Christianity from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner' One morning on a wild and quiet Hebridean island, a bear appeared where there should not have been a bear. The gentle giant would not harm a living thi Gordon Strachan uncovers fascinating connections be A charming story book about the deep friendship between a little boy and a tree.

Treatment of drug usage in some examples of modern English writing

It addresses issues of love, loss, loneliness Includes articles on astrosophy and a complete sidereal ephemeris and aspectarian for every day of A collection of keynote presentations from the International Waldorf Early Childhood conference An invaluable collection of poetry for use by teachers of children aged six to fourteen A collection of stories from the Old Testament for children.

For Steiner-Wald An inspiring commentary on the spiritual writings of one of the greatest English mystics A gifted spiritual teacher shares the ancient teachings and sacred sounds of the Kabbalah A little book about the author's remarkable experiences of communicating with elemental beings In this heart-warming and alternative version of the Christmas story, beautifully illustrated by Bernadette Watts, Katy sets out in the snow to visit the new baby born in the innkeep A wonderful book to understand the ideals and philosophy behind Waldorf education Explores whether eurythmy and movement can be beneficial at High School level, for Years 9 to This is the inspiring story of Melchior, one of the three kings who took gifts to the baby Jesus, who learns how A true Irish wonder tale: a coming of age story of the youngest son of the King Ireland, who sets off on an impossible quest.

Generations of children have loved t A collection of seven enchanting tales from master storyteller Isabel Wyatt, for children aged nine and up A heart-warming and inspiring picture book adaptation of the classic fairy tale from master storyteller Isabel Wyatt, A practical and beautifully illustrated book for three generations of knitters When two children go to sleep in their new home at the edge of a pine forest they meet the Knottles, guardians of the pine trees, who inspire them to take care of An invaluable overview of Koepf's insights into key aspects of biodynamics A moving memoir by a farmer who uniquely combined biodynamic techniques with traditional Native American spirituality Kelly and Kai are whisked off to a distant land with princesses, knights and trolls, when a mischievous gnome brings their play tree trunk to life as a dragon Covers all aspects of communicating with nature, learning to read the language of plants in connection with healing Discusses Steiner's view of the nature of language in relation to child development.

For Steiner-Wal A new translation of the central philosophical work of Taoism, examined in the light of anthroposophy Lara's First Christmas is a warm, luminous story about the real meaning of Christmas, from the author of The Beejum Book A classic of esoteric Christianity A resource book of practical modelling projects for parents and teachers to use with children A guide and resource book for Steiner-Waldorf class teachers who need extra support and encouragement w Argues that children and nature must be radically reconnected through education, to enable them to beco An accessible prose retelling of the medieval German epic brings the wonderful story of Parzival to life for today's readers A fresh retelling of the fascinating legends of King Arthur's castle and his Knights The legendary adventures of Norse heroes, dragons, princesses and destiny A picture book for younger children which promote kindness and compassion to animals, and the A concise but rich introduction to the role of movement and singing in the Waldorf kindergarten Lewis hates being a puffin and longs to do something different with his life.

Could the circus be the answer? A colourful board book which explores compassion and respect for animals A truly comprehensive portrait of Steiner and those who surrounded him, including student days in Vienna and his time Explores some of the themes and ideas in Steiner's work as they came about in the course of his life Examines literature suitable for the different years of a Waldorf high school, based on adolescents' developmental stages A treasury of verses, finger games, stories, and plays for puppets and marionett A guide to meditation and awareness of human attention through practical exercises Can Princess Lily find a wintertime playmate in her flower kingdom?

Spiritual Awakening for a Brighter Future by Miles Neale

A collection of stories for children about gnomes, elves, trolls and other little folk. For Steiner A lovely story of bee-life in a hive, suitable for children. Introduces issues of sexuality for the Steiner-Waldorf curriculum, for Year 5 age 11 and up The little Christmas tree hates its sharp needles, and longs to have soft leaves like all the other trees.

But will it be happier when its wish is granted? A perfect book for a cold An exciting moving parts board book based on real Scottish castles! Pull up Stirling Castle portcullis and tunnel out of Edinburgh Cas A magical, dreamlike tale which makes perfect bedtime reading, from the author of In the Land of Fairies Faith, the Little Fairy, wants to help her friend Mole's wish come true in this magical book of transformation by much-loved illustrator Daniela Drescher, creator of In the Land o A little fairy gets lost in a snowstorm and tries to find shelter, when help comes from unexpected places.

A lovely Christmas tale Little Fairy needs a special dress for Queen Wren's party. Can her animal friends help her? An intriguing, beautiful tale of wonder and sibling love with echoes of Alice in Wonderland, from the creators of highly-acclaimed The House of Lost and Found One morning Little Sister Rabbit hops out of her burrow but something is not quite right. The classic Little Sister Rabbi Little Sister Rabbit wants to have her own adventure without her brother telling her what to do.