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Do I need to let my collectors know about that, will the value of my sold work change? Does it mean that by starting with a new name, I will have to sell my work with a lower price? And most of all, is this a good idea to change my name? Sorry for the long mail…. Dear T. If you feel that starting over with a different name would represent better your current style, then you should do it.

Before making a drastic change, start by testing the waters. See how the public reacts. Maybe you can create new social media pages. Ask a small group of collectors what they think about these changes. If the initial feedback is good, then make the big step. Good luck! Thank you for your quick reply. How about the pricing of the new work with the new name?

Do I have to adjust it to a price of someone just starting in the art world or do I keep the pricing I have now? All best. This is very helpful information!

How to Choose the Perfect Pen Name — Well-Storied.

Thank you! When I apply for art competitions, can I legally use my pen name and let them know later my real name. I do have an LLC for my pen name. Hi Marie! This was so useful! Yet it is fine if I paint a mural. Any help would be great. This sites very useful!! My names Stanley designers n use cool nature as artist for cool by nature music dba name n Stanley stone for another alies, n for writing. My question is if do I have pay for any alies, so no one can use names? Hi Stanley, you do not usually have to pay for any aliases. You should, however, make sure that no one else is using the same alias as you.

Several Art Deco Artists used pseudonyms D. Thanks for this. I was really at odds with how frivolous I was being considering an alias, until you reminded me of the historical and sensible context. Hi, I have a separate issue. I was married for 30years and had a married name, yet always signed artworks with the initials of my maiden name, which is more like a logo signature CdV. Advice please!! You are right, you might suffer a loss in supporters if you were to change your signature.

Have you considered sending out a newsletter to inform all your friends and clients? Last night I cannot sleep well. It was irritating me. After seeing your post my mind becoming blooming. I need a cup of HOT coffee. I am keeping your article and bookmark your article in browser.

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Thank you so so much :. Very interesting…and very true. Looking at many artist and particularly famous athletes that used pseudonyms. They were great athletes, yes,…but the new names really helped make them memorable. Cool post. You make a nice post. It will help us a lot. Where was he from and what were some of his pseudonyms? Karl Kauffman was an Austrian artist.

He used a number of pseudonyms, namely — Byon, H. Carnier, W. Carnier, F. Gilbert, O. Halm, C. Charpentier, J. Holmstedt, Charles Marchand, R. Merkner, B. Lambert, E. Leutner, M.

Heger, Hobart, L. Marchant, J.

Why should you work under a pseudonym?

Marchant, C. Poul, F. Rodek, J. Rollin, Taupiac, L. Voigt or R. Ojo Adedayo Ojo — maybe not — too popular A. Ojo Adayo Ojo — You have many many possibilities. Start typing or writing them out.

Write your name backwards. Or forget your name, and rewrite it! Dont forget to google the name s you come up with. What happens with copyright of artwork using a pseudonym? I have produced very dark art in the past and want to move onto other art now and leave that behind and I think the only way is to use another name. So, will all work I produce still have the same copyright rules applied using a pseudonym? Yes, the normal copyright laws would apply to all of your works even if you use a pseudonym. You can find more information here. That is applicable to people in The United States though, if you belong to another country, we advise you to check you local copyright laws.

You could try variations on that, such as P.

How to Choose the Perfect Pen Name

David, P. Davi, P. Anne, P. Davinne… Keep experimenting and use whatever you like best. I already know of the pseudonym I want to use. How does that work when it comes to art sales and such? Like if someone writes a check to my pseudonym, do I need to open a bank account under that name?

Why Writers Use Pen Names

Hi Jacquie, we recommend telling the buyer your birth name during the check-signing, for legal reasons. I currently work at a national museum. Each year we have an exhibit for up and coming artists. So keeping my anonymity is kind of important to me.


My question is how do I submit work under a different name for consideration to the show? Muchas gracias. Under my Perriman name I produce fairly straightforwards landscapes but the big project I have been working on since autumn will be released under a different name to avoid alienating my existing collectors.