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After the Coup (Old Man's War, #) by John Scalzi

Howling Stars. Eric Thomson. The Lazarus War: Origins. All Systems Red. Tiamat's Wrath. Azula Carver. Thomas DePrima. Deep Time. No Honor in Death. In All Directions. David Sherman. The Churn: An Expanse Novella. A Closed and Common Orbit. The Path of Duty. Death's End. Gregory Benford. Morning Star. Pierce Brown. Like Stars in Heaven. This required each chapter to function as a stand-alone story, with the whole working as a cohesive novel at the same time. As usual, Scalzi succeeds at whatever he sets his mind to, and The Human Division turns out to be not only a career-best for him, but one of SF's most electrifying space operas of the new century.

There may be those who turn their noses up at the traditionalism of Scalzi's themes and plots, at the fact he writes science fiction first as a fan's expression of love, rather than doing whatever it is you're supposed to do to be "literary" — deconstructing SF tropes, treating them with skepticism and an eye towards subverting them artistically. But genre fiction does not have to do these things to achieve greatness. In the end, I loved The Human Division for what is, really, the only reason anyone needs to love a book: that it gave me sheer joy in the reading.

After the Coup

Though familiarity with the original OMW trilogy — in particular its last entry, The Last Colony — helps, it isn't necessary in order to get stuck in. The situation for humanity across the galaxy is becoming dire, in the wake of the deeds of John Perry and Jane Sagan at the trilogy's climax. The Earth has been made aware that the Colonial Union, representing human colonies throughout space, has for years simply been using the homeworld as a resource for new soldiers and colonists, while denying Earth access to the CU's technological advances.

This has caused, you might say, a bad breakup, and put the CU in a position of facing possible human extinction within decades. Without the privilege of farming Earth for an endless supply of military manpower that the colonies themselves can't match if left to their own devices, the CU faces a serious threat from the newly formed Conclave, representing hundreds of alien races able to wipe out human colonies galaxy-wide with impunity. What's worse, the Conclave is courting Earth for possible membership, threatening to further isolate the CU. Diplomacy is key, and The Human Division becomes a novel about the dangerous game of politics reminiscent in some ways of John Hemry's superb, underappreciated Paul Sinclair series.

Hemry's books were military SF less concerned with action scenes and dick-wagging machismo than engaging the intellect with thoughtful, often wrenching examinations of the moral crises inherent in war and the politics surrounding war. All the expected humor and insane scenari In the best of situations diplomacy can be difficult. All the expected humor and insane scenarios are on display. It was good to see Harry because he's my second favorite in the series after John Perry. The best part of all is the short story is available to read for free on TOR's website here. Another free download from Tor.

This funny short story is set in the same universe as Old Man's War and its sequels and tells the story of Harry Wilson, Lieutenant in the Colonial Defense Forces, being asked to undertake a delicate and potentially painful diplomatic assignment. A fun, fast read. Jul 25, Tudor Vlad rated it liked it Shelves: science-fiction. Oh look, they're using diplomacy. That's new :P. I absolutely love the Old Man's War universe. I can keep reading and reading non-stop. A short story featuring Harry Wilson, one of the original members of the "Old Farts", in which he is asked to fight a member of the korban race in an attempt to save a diplomatic mission.

An invitation for the next book. Mar 11, Badseedgirl rated it really liked it Shelves: tbr , read-in , short-story , tor-com , ha-pages-read Although this was book number 4. This is the second story of Mr.

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Scalzi I have read and I quite enjoy his light writing style. I really should read the Old Man's War series! Apr 05, Eric rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Sci-fi fans, especially Scalzi fans. Shelves: short-stories , john-scalzi , science-fiction. Well while reading a glowing five-star review of that novel from SFReviews. Approximately 5. You should go there and read it too. It's a really good short story that highlights John Scalzi's ability to write funny yet heartfelt characters in fantastical settings.

There's also an interesting fight sequence. And, it's a great barometer for seeing if you'll like The Human Division , which heavily features Wilson and Schmidt. View 2 comments. Mar 02, Jen rated it really liked it Shelves: short-freebie. Good, but rather violent.

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Jun 29, Scott rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi. It's not part of the continuity of the series so can be read anytime after Old Man's War. I put aside The Human Division to read this and was extremely entertained.