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And yet, God keeps nudging my heart to jump in - fully in.

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To share this dream and let others be a part of the journey - to give Him room to surprise me. A vehicle that is comfortable for me to drive long distances in; complete with a bed, a mini bathroom, mini kitchen, and convertible seating for friends.

Inside of my bones sits an ache to explore. To see new skies and engage with all that beauty out there. Wow, my heart is pounding as I type out these words. With the ability to lay down while driving, my body would not experience the excruciating pain and exhaustion that flying and driving in a car cause; my limited stamina would not dictate our travel itinerary, allowing us to travel much farther distances at one time.

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My little RV would allow me to have all of my medical equipment set up and ready to go at any time, and would be my little tiny home away from home. If God does a miracle, we are going to take the bus on her maiden voyage across the country - through the desert skies, over mountains, all the way to California and back.

God gave me the opportunity to speak to a bunch of 4th graders a few weeks back and the response from the kids healed something in me.

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Answering their curious questions, having the honor to tell them that their dreams MATTER, their voices MATTER, and watching their initial hesitancy with our physical differences melt into a comfortable understanding that we are all very much alike - it gave me a glimpse of my purpose here and now.

God made it very clear that I am to use my voice to encourage and empower - to talk about differences and kindness and dreams. This herd is the first of Boskarin cattle to be brought back to Velebit.

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It is safe to say that the Boskarin are quickly adapting to the local conditions. This moment was long awaited by Rewilding Velebit team and its human backup for the Boskarin here, Mr.

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Petar Knezevic. After a couple of hours we went to check on her and I saw the little bull which was trying to stand up on his shaky back legs.


The joyful news of the birth and the first photo of the baby bull quickly spread to all the Rewilding Europe countries and its team members. During the past few months this herd went through quite a lot, from the efforts of finding their way back to their wild instincts, over to successfully defending themselves against wolves. Future will bring many more challenges for the rewilding efforts here and elsewhere, but the Boskarin are slowly but safely making their comeback. Soon hopefully reinforced with a new bull for this front of the line back breeding programme.

Born to be free in the Velebit rewilding area, Croatia August 5, Boskarin cattle Tauros Programme Velebit.

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