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Her research is focused on the role and formation of hero and saint, interpretation, adaptation and perception of miracles, as well as on historical-etymological studies. She presented these issues at conferences in Georgia, European countries and the USA; and published in highly ranked journals. She collaborated in several research projects on byzantine-georgian historical and cultural relations financed by Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia.

Her current academic interest concerns miracle narrations in Byzantine historical writings. In he has attended a six-month multidisciplinary training programme at Council of National Research, Italy. In he spent nine months in Spain as a Postdoctoral fellow at Oviedo University. He has published one English book and articles in numerous well-known international journals.

The sphere of his research always focuses on using GIS and Remote Sensing to improve the management of natural resources. He has published several books in both Arabic and English, and articles in numerous well-known international journals. He got several academic prizes and honors, the most significant one of them is the prize of Ambassador of Goodwill from the governor of Arkansas State in USA.

One year after receiving his MA in , he became a faculty member, and in he earned his doctorate specializing in Buddhist culture of medieval period. In he went to Seoul National University for one year to conduct extensive post-doctoral research on historical maps with the support of the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies. He was a Visiting Fellow at the Centre of South Asian Studies and at Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, simultaneously, in , to perform an advanced study on Myanmar manuscripts and maps that have never been studied before.

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Consequently, it leads to further detail research on all kinds of Myanmar indigenous maps, and cloth-maps in particular. He actively collaborates and publishes with international colleagues and organizes inter-university conferences, symposia and art exhibitions. Apart from teaching students of all degree programs and supervising MA and PhD students at the Department of History at the University of Mandalay, he is responsible for training academic and support staff at the university on quality assurance and conducts workshops on QA System Implementation in various Myanmar universities.

He held visiting fellowships at the University of Sussex and the National University of Singapore , prior to the one at the Central European University, Budapest. He has been teaching and supervising M. Phil and Ph. D on various IP issues for several years. He has supervised 6 M. Phil scholars. Sabuj is best known for his teaching technique and as a dedicated researcher on IPR for more than one and half decade. His research interests lie in the area of IPR and life sciences ranging from patentability of life science innovations to its ethical aspects and impacts on the society, traditional knowledge and on nature and.

After that he has written numerous research articles, book chapters published in national and international journals on IPR. Sabuj lives with his wife, a Civil Servant with the Govt. Sabuj is a staunch naturalist, passionate music lover and a bibliophile. Her research and teaching experience is focused on the role of the episcopal power, the Christianization process and strategies of evangelization and the perception of the religious adversary in the High and Central Middle Ages in Central Europe.

She has published articles and chapters of books in numerous national and international publications and she has coordinated books on Medieval Studies. She has collaborated in many research projects and organised workshops, meetings and conferences related to Late Antique and Medieval Studies in different institutions.

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She has had scholarships for research stays in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, as well as for participating in international conferences in the United States of America, England, Hungary and Portugal. He obtained his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked as a scientist in Defense Research and Development Organisation.

He has taught and been responsible for including in the study programme of Economics several courses addressing environmental issues at both undergraduate Ecological Economics, Environmental Macroeconomics, Pollution Economics and graduate Sustainability Economics levels. He is also the leading researcher of the Research Group on Ecological, Environmental, and Natural Resource Economics, whose works have already won and been nominated for a few nationwide awards in the field.

L3 -- class 11th Sociology -- sociology and society --part 2 --NCERT

Shortly, his research effort has been bound up in grounding economics in its supportive biophysical basis, thereby stressing the underlying feedback between economic policies and environmental impacts. In this regard, he has published some book chapters in which a bio-economic model is applied to carbon sequestration by forests , and a loanable-funds model is used to account for forest conversion or conservation through pricing forest bonds according to the carbon storage of trees She teaches Environmental law, Law and Genetics, Veterinary law, Medical law, Agrarian law, Administrative law, Financial law, Administrative liability and Administrative procedure courses to undergraduate and master classes.

She is trainer at Center of retraining and advanced training for employees of state power bodies and bodies of local self-government, state enterprises, institutions and organizations of the Zhytomyr Oblast State Administration and the Zhytomyr Oblast Council, Zhytomyr Ukraine.

She got a number of academic and professional honors, the most significant being the Certificate of Achievement of Union of Lawyers of Ukraine. She was appointed an Associate Professor at the University of Mandalay in She supervised numerous Master and PhD students. Her current research focuses on Environmental Management and Conservation. She has published in domestic and international research journals. Since , she has been involved in training and development of quality assurance in Myanmar universities and is a member of National Accreditation and Quality Assurance Committee.

In this capacity she visited Central European University in to study the quality assurance system in European universities and attended the 12th European Quality Assurance Forum in Riga, Latvia. She is a Visiting Research Fellow at the Department of Environmental Science and Policy where her research focuses on sustainable water management. She started her teaching career as a tutor at the Department of International Relations at Dagon University in Her areas of interest include foreign policy, diplomacy and foreign relations.

Currently, she is a Visiting Research Fellow at CEU Department of International Relations, where she pursues comparative research on foreign relations of the two most recent democratic governments of Myanmar.

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In she became a faculty member at the International Relations Department, University of Yangon, where she also received her PhD in and remained teaching there until She was a participant of a curriculum and faculty development project in Myanmar led by CEU in , which helped establish undergraduate Political Science specializations at two major universities in the country. She started her academic career as a tutor at Dagon University in and was promoted to Assistant Lecturer in and Lecturer in and Associate Professor in Since , she has been teaching at Dagon University in Myanmar.

She received a B. Hons in International Relations in , M. Her teaching career began at Dagon University in From to she taught at Mandalay University. Now, she is teaching at Dagon University, the largest institution of undergraduate and post graduate training in Lower Myanmar. She teaches Public International Law, Human Rights Law and Law of the Sea and her research interests include human rights law, particularly freedom of expression and personal integrity rights.

She received her LL. She started her academic career as a tutor at Yadanabon University in and was promoted to Assistant Lecturer at the same University in He has taught business ethics, leadership, business legislation, business law, corporate governance and dispute resolution. Tom has studied corruption in the higher educational system of the Kyrgyz Republic, cross-national judicial independence, and published a law journal article on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. She has been working in the field of English language teaching for nearly thirty years as a teacher, trainer, researcher, coordinator and organizer and she sees her mission in promoting the teaching and learning of English in Myanmar at all levels.

She has organized and conducted a number of training programs, workshops, seminars and conferences to enhance the capacity of Myanmar English teachers in collaboration with local, regional and international ELT organizations. She is involved in designing curricula and syllabi of English language and literature courses and development of teaching materials for both basic and tertiary education.

Her interests lie in the fields of English language teaching methodology, use of modern technology in language teaching, and professional development. She has been involved in English language teaching for over 30 years, working as a teacher, teacher trainer and supervisor, in a range of ELT contexts in Myanmar.

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Her teaching and research activities at Mandalay University focus on applied linguistics, with particular attention to Language Teacher Cognition, Discourse Analysis and Academic Writing. She holds a B. Currently she teaches Literature and Translation and Interpretation to undergraduate students, Research Methodology and Error Analysis to postgraduate students of English at Mandalay University.

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Her research interests lie on the intersection of sociolinguistics and gender, she published two articles on gender-related subjects in international journals. She has been working as a university teacher for 22 years. She has been responsible for teaching ESL Methodology to postgraduate students, teacher training in listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, as well as teaching research writing to undergraduate students. Currently a lecturer at the National Centre for English Language, Myanmar, she is responsible for giving lectures, doing translation work and supervising M.

She earned an M. Her area of professional interests is teaching literature and academic writing. She is involved in developing literature curriculum for B. Honours in English and actively contributes to extracurricular activities for developing English language skills of students, together with teachers from AVI Australian Volunteers International. She is attending a first-year Ph.

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She started her career as an Assistant Librarian at Meiktila University in and was promoted to become a Head Librarian at the University of Mandalay in She got her first degree, B. She helps the school libraries, community libraries and other organizations in promoting their important work.