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Abolethic Sovereignty

Raidon, the warlock Japheth, and Anusha, a young woman whose dreams are made real, must find Key of Stars before it is used to open the Far Manifold, and all reality drowns in a tide of horrific insanity. Abolethic Sovereignty 3 books in series. Plague of Spells Summary. Lovecraftian Horror in Faern!

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Book 2. Book 3. Cordell is showcasing the move from a more classical, Western medieval style of talespinning where religion, magic, etc. Like much of current fantasy, the Realms is moving away from Tolkien replicants to darker narratives that are reminiscent of Joe Abercrombie, Scott Lynch, or James Enge.

So thematically, Key of Stars and its prequels represents the dramatic shift fictionally that took place in the 4th edition rulebooks for Dungeons and Dragons. Stylistically, Cordell has improved, though I found myself disliking his use of repetition when switching character perspectives.

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He will switch perspectives from one character to the next, and by way of lead-in relate the events that just happened through the eyes of the new character perspective. As a reader, I found it unhelpful. I did wonder how Cordell was going to bring together all the disparate and far-flung elements of his first two novels for a conclusion, but I think he did that very well in the only logical conclusion and exciting conclusion that would satisfy all the buildup.

They are eventful, well-described, and entertaining. Although such thorough description of the fights does leave the setting description sometimes lacking, it is a fair trade for the most part.

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All in all, I found that Key of Stars was thematically interesting, a bit overloaded with disparate plotlines, but that it is eventful enough and entertaining enough that its flaws are easily overlooked. The readers it is best suited for are readers who have been long-time fans of the Realms or Cordell in particular, and who have read the first two novels in the trilogy, possibly also Stardeep. Ultimately, though I have some quibbles with the book, Key of Stars was still highly engaging, thoroughly entertaining, and so Realms changing that to miss out on it is to miss out on the extraordinary birth of a new era in the Forgotten Realms.

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