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The bliss factor of the facial is increased by combining healing massage with the energy balancing properties of using earth born crystals. Crystal Wand Healing Facial The Crystal Wand Healing Facial.

A journey of harmony and self discovery. Cleansed, toned, moisturised and pure revitalisation of the skin.

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Superior natural products blended to make the highest preperations for balance and tone. Touch, massage and healing to leave you totally rejuvenated. Unique combinations of vitamins and minerals to enrich all skin types. Then, hold the wand so that the tip is pointing to heaven and the base is pointing down to the earth. Allow your mind to clear and slip into a light meditative state. As you look at the wand, see energy coming from the wand itself that goes right down into the very earth, from which it will draw on natures cycles and power. Then see that energy traveling up the wand and coming out of the top and streaming up into the heavens and then looping back down into the wand itself.

What you are doing is setting your intention to harness the power of the earth and heavens in your wand.

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When you feel its complete, imagine sealing the energy at either end. And then your wand is ready for use!

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