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David Guzik :: Study Guide for Colossians 2

Society wants better microscopes, bigger telescopes, and deeper scientific submarines. We want to know what makes the Sun boil and of what the planet Pluto is made. We are more interested in the winner of World Series than the series of events in the Tribulation. And there is Paul praying that we might grow in our knowledge of the Lord. We ought understand that even the Holy Spirit groans under that same burden for us. But a godly desire also is definitely not enough to accomplish this work in us. Along with the desire of Paul , there must be the desire on our own part.

The Lord’s Songs In Our Hearts - Colossians

And besides our desire, must be the practical steps to do something about it. That means study of Word with its essential prerequisite: drawing nigh unto God. And unless we engage our hearts and minds, we are going to carry the knowledge of God no farther. Do remember the widow and her son to whom Elisha applied for food?

All she had was a tiny bit of oil for her cooking and other needs — her knowledge of Jehovah was limited.

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The prophet told her to collect all the empty vessels and jars that she could. And all that they gathered were eventually filled. This follows the first request like the carriage after the horse. Knowing without doing is like plowing without planting.

Walk worthy of the Lord. You claim be a Christian, a child of God, then willingly or not you are wearing His uniform.

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You are on a journey under the banner of Jehovah. God expects, and Paul prays, that you be a good representative of the Lord. But how the Lord must weep over some of our lives.

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  • Jehovah wants us to walk into the harvest fields and fill our arms with spiritual fruit. What kind of fruit? The Lord wants a full cornucopia of the fruit of the Spirit. He wants to see a worthly life in our finances , in our love of the saints , and in our interest in the fallen. He wants to see in us a yearning for the blessing of God on the work of the ministry.

    It was probably been 20 years ago. Anybody old enough to remember that? Lucky strike means fine tobacco, I think it was the fifties or sixties when they had that. Well, here's how to get something else on your mind. Colossians says, "Let the word of Christ richly dwell within you. Teaching with all wisdom and admonishing one another with Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with thankfulness in your hearts to God, spiritual songs in your heart. I remember when my son was maybe a second grader and he memorized all 50 states in the United States as a second grader because his teacher put it to music.

    I remember when my daughter was just tiny; she performed this rap song she had learned that contained all these phonics rules because her teacher again was doing her a favor by setting all these phonics rules to music, rather than just listening to them and putting them down on paper. Long before my children's teachers discovered how music helps us retain information, God who invented memory and made it work in the first place asked us to consider getting God's word in our hearts just like that.

    Singing the psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, isn't that great? Although most of us would never consider singing publicly, some of you can but I can't, all of us can sing in the manner Paul suggests with gratitude in our hearts to God. It's a song we could sing in our hearts literally anywhere at any time.

    You know, walking down the hall of school, you know, just going from business office to business office, on a crowded bus or on an airplane. We can sing thankfulness in our hearts to God wherever we are. We can sing in our hearts. So what kind of songs qualify? Here Paul has advice as well. He's saying that we should Sing Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.

    Introduction to the Epistle of Paul to the Colossians

    One of the most wonderful aspects of going through this study, is not only that it equips, convicts, and challenges the reader, but it also actually teaches you how to study the Bible for yourself. Pam beautifully explains and demonstrates how to use beneficial tools and techniques in learning how to study any chapter of the Word independently. I have developed such an incredible hunger for doing just that through this resource.

    Other Sermons in This Series

    They have loved every page of it! Going through this book was one of the most precious periods that I have spent with the Lord in studying His Word in a long time! I highly recommend it in every way!

    Superb Study for Busy Mamas! Filled with numerous tips, helps and guides on getting into the Word on a daily basis, this book takes you on an in-depth journey through the third chapter of Colossians for 30 days. You get to know this chapter so well through inductive Bible study that the words become etched in your mind and on your heart in just five to 10 minutes a day, even less on some days. You can go at your pace using the guide she has provided. The study is designed to be completed in 30 days and it can be done in 30 consecutive days or you can you could extend some of the days to complete your assignments as your busy season of life allows.

    The guide provides six days of study with one catch-up day, which also includes an optional assignment if you have the extra time. Personal application questions allow you to not only study what the Bible says but put these verses into action and be a doer of the Word. Thanks Pam for a great study guide! Daily Precepts. I enjoyed walking through Colossians 3 during the month of November with Doorposts. Each day is just enough of a bite size to fit into a mama's day.