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It was written by Amber Adrian, a freelance writer of over 10 years who has worked on both sides of the editing desk. The Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing. Do you want to travel around the world, enjoying complimentary luxury and pampering at every turn, seeing and doing adventurous things in exotic places? And then commit your awesome experiences to paper and make wads of money doing it? But I write about more than just travel; I incorporate my personal finance expertise and lifestyle design experience to work in a niche that is less populated and therefore easier to get noticed in.

If you want to sustain your travels with travel writing, far be it for me to stop you. But be sure to view it as a business, market yourself accordingly, and give yourself time to start generating decent income before you rely on it to keep your travels going. Here ares some informative resources about the realities of becoming a travel writer with tips and resources to help you:. Thinking more about being a travel photographer than writer? Got some extra space in your luggage?

With peer to peer shipping you can earn some extra money to support yourself while traveling. Read on. Or are you stymied by the prices and unreliability of international shipping? You might be in the market for a private shipper through peer to peer shipping sites and forums.

Get Paid to Travel the World - How Travellers Make Money

I started writing this chapter after being contacted by a representative from a company called ShipItSocial and becoming intrigued by the idea. Shortly thereafter I was serendipitously contacted by another peer-to-peer shipping startup called SpaceHitch. I would presume this has to do with a few factors — problems with peer-to-peer shipping — that include:. Buyer Unreliability: Some peer to peer shipping sites get around this problem by using an escrow service.

Before you the traveler purchase the item to be delivered, the buyer submits the money required plus your fee into an account that is held in escrow by the peer to peer shipping company until you deliver it and both parties sign off that the transaction was completed. This protects both the buyer and the traveler. So although you might not earn a ton of money with this transaction, you do make a local contact and help out a fellow global citizen.

Questionable Legal Practices: Research the peer to peer shipping site you are using to determine the legality of the service in question. Some sites also pre-screen the items buyers are requesting to ensure legality. Here are some peer to peer shipping sites that are specifically designed for travelers:.

Teaching English as a second language is a great way to earn income abroad. You can do this with private schools for people of all ages , public schools, international schools, and even special interest groups or associations. I watched a television show prior to my travels that showed how hard people were working teaching English while trying to enjoy travel and life abroad, and it turned me off. But Teaching English abroad pays — and often it pays well. Check out these Financial Case Studies of travelers teaching English abroad in various ways and forms:.

Joanna: Online English Teacher. Check it out: How to Teach English Online. Laura Nalin: English Teacher and Blogger. The details of the gig and daily requirements vary from country to country and school to school. The pay is usually in line with the average cost of living in that country. Some jobs even include accommodation and a flight home.

Even something as simple as working hours can vary drastically. One final detail: many if not most English Teaching jobs require you to have a University degree. There are many places you can arm yourself with the skills to teach English abroad, as well as to find gigs. You can take classes either online or in person, and some organizations help with your job search and job placement upon completion of your certification.

The best way to get started is to get your certification to teach. You can often do online certification programs, in-person, or a mix of the two. According to my colleagues, getting your English teaching certificate in-person will better prepare you to actually teach in a formal classroom. Many experienced TEFL teachers suggest not signing a contract before you see the school and speak to your potential employers. Then you can stay for a bit and look for a new gig.

Working Holiday visas are usually up to a year in duration, and are for people aged with a few countries issuing working holiday visas up to the age of They allow you to apply for jobs within the country you are visiting, which in turn can help you financially sustain your travels. For many young travelers, a working holiday visa is the easiest way to get a chance to travel, earn money while traveling, and experience a new culture that can be quite illuminating.

The work available depends on what skills you bring to the table, as well as what infrastructure is available in the country you are visiting. In most cases countries offering working holiday visas are well developed, and their biggest need and impetus for offering working holiday visas is in hospitality, tourism, and seasonal industries. Working holiday visa arrangements are generally reciprocal between certain countries.

Unfortunately U. Click here for details of where you can go and the various requirements. Citizens of Canada, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and many European countries have more opportunities to visit multiple countries, each on a one-year working holiday basis. And yes — you can enjoy these visas in as many countries as you want to apply to, subject to age and other qualifications. Applying for working holiday visas can be a bit complicated and intimidating.

Good news: there are services to make it easier for you. Here are some examples of those services, these ones specific for Canadians:. SWAP Working Holidays will help you with issues such as: obtaining your visa, helping you find a job, opening an overseas bank account, applying for your tax number, filing taxes because you have to file taxes in your host country as well as Canada when working on a working holiday visa , finding accommodation, and they provide you with other on-the-ground support in your host country.

GO International. Anywork Anywhere free. Instead, you could take a look at online tutoring. Using online tools like file sharing, interactive whiteboard applications, chat, and instant messaging, you can correspond with your student s about pretty much anything. No really — anything! If somebody wants to learn it, it can be taught online. From helping students with their studies, to tutoring languages, to even teaching musical instruments — if you have an area of expertise that people want to learn more about, you can teach it online.

You can become a tutor for an existing online tutoring firm, or you can start your own business. This depends on what you want to teach, the market for it, and your entrepreneurial desires. Find more info at Tutor. Find more info at Tutor Me. Find more at QKids. Find more at Elevate K Find more at TutorEye.

45 Great Jobs You Can Do While Traveling The World And How To Get Them

These are just a few online tutoring companies out there! Check out this search listing on Glassdoor. And if Teaching English Online appeals to you, you can learn all about it here. I was chatting with Deborah Benbrook , who has been traveling full-time with her husband since early , after taking almost two years to sell everything they owned.

In this interview with Deborah, I discover just how they do it — right down to the nitty gritty of visas and how they get paid. Deborah : We had no idea where we were going once we landed in Santiago. A few people suggested Pucon — dubbed the Queenstown of Chile — white water rafting, climbing an active volcano etc.

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So we headed there. We booked a hostel called El Refugio.

Volunteer, work & learn abroad with our programs

We arrived after a night bus and we sat and had a cup of tea with the Dutch couple who were running the hostel on behalf of the owner. Deborah: We had no prior experience and our Spanish was almost nonexistent! We survived six weeks and received great reviews on Trip Advisor, Hostelworld and Hostelbookers.

Then we set off travelling again.

20 jobs that let you travel the world

Deborah : We traveled south to Patagonia, then up through Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru, when we got an email from Peter the guy who owned El Refugio — he was opening a new hostel and wanted us to return to Pucon and run it for him. But when we arrived back in Pucon, we were offered seven different jobs! After some negotiations, we took one of the offers and stayed five months. Deborah : In Chile, we had a day tourist visa which we received on arrival.

But you can earn enough to make a living. Typically he and Bullen are paid to promote various brands and locations through their feeds.

Even smaller accounts can get some benefits. David Guenther, who runs the Great North Collective, told Rangefinder Magazine in he received a free press trip to Alberta, Canada provided that he post photographs on Instagram.

Of course, most travel Instagrammers end up stuck at a few thousands followers and burning through their savings before they ever cash a check. Best to start building that following before you leave. Travelling the world and getting to write for one of the most prestigious publications in the world sounds too good to be true right?

The correspondent was to spend a week in each place and write about life on the road.